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Juices Flowing 

Juices Flowing is a company that was created in a senior portfolio class at Moravian College. The guidelines were created to design a beverage company from top to bottom. This included company name, company logo, mailing material, business cards, bottle design, packaging design and website design. We had a strict deadline to follow in order to present at the senior show at the end of the year. 

Juices Flowing was developed with providing the consumer an all natural healthy form of energy through the fruit of Oranges, Apples and Grapes. The packaging was designed for a person to be able to grab and go. A six pack style was thought to be the most effective and have an easy access to grab a single bottle at a time, if need be. Juices Flowing was developed not only to provide energy but also keep the consumer educated on the great health benefits that these fruits provide. Juices Flowing was also created to have an instant call to action. Through the power of a smart phone, a consumer can scan a magazine ad with their phone and a commercial will pop up expressing the benefits of our drink. The end of the commercial provides a link to the website in which the consumer can then learn more or order the product.


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