Jack King Studio

My Grandfather left behind a lifetime of work to his grandchildren. Together we decided the best way to honor his legacy was to get his remaining artwork out into the world.  I set up an online shop for people to purchase.  This is a passion project that I am able to work with my family and we just want to spread the immense talent he had wielding a paintbrush.

SERVICES: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design. Web Development, E-Commerce Capability

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The Challenge

Taking physical artwork that is decades old and digitizing it for an e-commerce site is challenging enough.  The next challenge is attracting it's ideal audience for artwork that only few have seen. 

The Goal

To locate all the information for each specific piece and incorporate the vast knowledge of a passed artist into a website that others are able to purchase and display in their home.

The inspiration for the website was built off of his story and what seems to be endless amounts of incredible artwork.

He had quietly created the largest, most stunning collection of tribute-art ever produced. For the past fifteen years, Mr. King has completed over five hundred colored drawings and paintings celebrating the great artists and master works from the past.

From the charm of Renaissance portraits to the lyrical figures of Botticelli – from the erotic glitter of Gustav Klimt to the dazzling presentation of fifteenth century royalty – Mr. King's work is not only a celebration of the past, but a resounding statement in contemporary art.

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