In my role, I was responsible for developing captivating visual campaigns that cater to both internal clients and business partners. My expertise extended to video editing and development, and I have had the privilege to work on prestigious projects such as the Aston Martin F1 sponsorship commercial and social videos, as well as the PGA President's Cup and LGPA Founder's Cup sponsorships. Additionally, I excel as a creator of animated HTML5 ads, crafting engaging visuals for web, email, video, social media, and event platforms.

SERVICES: Project Management, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Motion Graphics,
Brand Management, Digital Design, Video Production / Editing, Stakeholder Presentations 

aston martin - cognizant f1

15 second commercial

One of my unique contributions lies in creating 3D integrated holographic displays, which have garnered attention and intrigue from audiences. Working in close collaboration with the marketing team, I introduce fresh digital design elements and innovative ideas to enhance our marketing efforts at trade shows for our booth displays.

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Furthermore, I was involved in the development and execution of various sales materials, client-facing presentations, white papers, and capability briefings, all of which play a crucial role in reinforcing existing client relationships and cultivating new business opportunities. My creative prowess and versatile skill set have contributed significantly to elevating our brand presence and driving successful campaigns across diverse channels.

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Digital White Paper Video

Turning a white paper into a video animation involves condensing complex concepts, creating a storyboard, designing visuals, and animating content for engaging and informative storytelling.

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Founder's Cup Promo

Developed a quick promo short for the Cognizant Founder's Cup. This video was used across multiple social channels.

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Tom Brady Promo

Building off the partnership announcement of Cognizant and Aston Martin, I was tasked to develop a short video.

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SailGP Partnership

Another partnership announcement video. This time with SailGP. Tasked in developing a video showcasing testimonials and action shots.